Frequently asked questions

*breathes* Can I stop my mask from fogging up? How?

Yes, you can stop your new clear face covering from fogging up and it's really simple! Here's a video of our co-founder, Jake, to explain how (CC enabled). Notes: - Dish soap, shampoo, and hand soap all work wonderfully (and you have them in your home already!) to reduce fog. - Anti-fog products are available for purchase from some of our vendors and others have a special anti-fog plastic as well. - Make sure you wash your masks frequently!

I want to share your site, interview you, or feature you in a publication! Can I?

Of course! is meant to be shared all over the world in any way possible. We encourage you to tell your friends on social media, text your family to get a couple, and get one for yourself. We've been featured in a few articles and are always willing to be interviewed/featured. Contact us at and we'll set up time for a video call or email exchange. We look forward to hearing from you!

Are you making money or being paid by these vendors to be featured?

Nope! We are running completely out-of-pocket because we believe the need for a central resource for transparent face coverings is essential in a masked world. We've scouted our vendors by our own research and recommendations from other deaf friends. The goal is to have a variety of different mask types from businesses with unique backgrounds. If you are a vendor, contact us at and we will see if you're a good fit for our platform!