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Pralina´s Story

Pralina’s success lies on producing exclusive, handmade chocolates and sweet confections, using very high quality ingedients. By offering handmade and luxurious, as well as customized flavoured chocolates and sweet confections, Pralina caters for all tastes. 


Previous collaborations with bespoke chocolate creations include the 2014 Lumi shoe store opening event in Helsinki. Where the theme was the four seasons. Petra created one sweet/chocolate for each season. 

Another amazing collaboration was together with dior for their launch of the Poison girl perfume in the beginning of 2016. This perfume was presented as a “Gourmand” fragrance and Pralina created together with Dior a workshop in the art of tasting establishing a parallel between chocolate and tasting.  


Pralina was founded by chocolatier Petra Rofhök in 2014. Having started off as an interest and hobby in her childhood, over the years creating chocolates and sweets for a living became Petra’s dream. Petra pursued her passion and in 2011 she joined the prestigious CFA Livron sur Drôme school to become a Chocolatier. Having passed a two year degree in just one, Petra graduated in 2012 with her CAP Chocolatier/Confiseur diploma, making her the only French qualified chocolatier in Finland, to date.



”We stumbled upon Petra’s Chocolates by pure chance. Our Tuesday lunch was crowned by Pralinas chocolates. The way to our hearts went through our stomaches and we had to find out who was the creator behind these heavenly bites. We met Petra and were convinced that we had found something that we wanted to share with our interest groups. Something original and lasting is born when a vision, manual skills and a great story meet”


                                - T-media COO Riku Ruokolahti