and French inspired chocolates.

​Cést si bon

Chocolate Pralines

The very delicate and precise preparation of Pralina's high quality chocolate is something unique and every bite is proof.

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Welcome to Pralina!

Pralina is the perfect choice whether you are looking for a unique gift or a special treat. Inspired by the French chocolates and sweets we focus on quality and exclusivity.

We only want to offer you the best!


Pralina combines traditional French chocolatier practices with modern twists and flavours creating a delectable range of bespoke chocolates perfect for any occasion, big or small. Pralina also makes these unique creations for parties or corporate events. Please call us to discuss or simply send an e-mail – we’d be happy to brainstorm ideas and assist you.   


All Pralina’s confections are delicate and hand-made by Petra Rofhök, a French qualified Chocolatier/Confiseur in Finland.

Pralina´s webshop offers apart from traditional posti delivery also the pick up option from the kitchen in Helsinki Arinatie 4 C (second floor).

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