Imran Chohan

Imran Chohan

Pictures by Martina Uthardt

Toffee Orange / Ginger

Wonderful and fresh flavour!

100g Price 9€

Toffee Café

Smoky coffee flavour!

100g Price 9€

Toffee Sea Salt

Original flavour beurre salé with flakes of seasalt

100g Price 9€

French Nougat

The popular French Nougat with strong taste of honey and crunchy nuts like hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios!

100g Price 10€

Raspberry Bark

Perfect for dark chocolate lovers!
Organic chocolate with 67% cacao topped with dried raspberries!

100g Price 6€

Julie Box

This box includes 20 of our tasty pralines! Indulgence!

200g Price 20€

Craft Box

Perfect selection of 10 pralines!

100g Price 12€

Tasting Box

A great first impression! Small package with a five pralines and a seasalt toffee!

50g Price 6,50€


Mix of Chocolate Pralines, Toffees and Nougat!

180g Price 18€